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The Tesaa Cultural Troupe (ancient stone) was founded in 1999 as a cultural development agency involved primarily in using cultural performances, cultural values, drama, acrobatics, BMX acrobatics and music to create awareness and address issues of national and local concerns. Tesaa Cultural Troupe (TCT) believes that, culture is an essential dimension of development in every individuals life and therefore, development solutions should be tailored to locally relevant traditions, institutions should make use of local expertise and knowledge in order to augment development, the project will aim at encouraging children and young people to cherish their cultural values hence, shaping their individual lives identity and responsibility.


Tesaa represented Africa in Dubai shopping festival (DSF) and was the best group held in Dubai in the year 2011, Tesaa represented Ghana and was the best group among other ten African countries in Rendez-Vous Chez Nous les villages d’Afrque accueillent les arts de la rue (ACUMUR) festival held in Burkina – Faso. In February 2016, Tesaa won the best traditional artiste(s) of the year in the VGMA’S Award in 2016, VERA Hotels and Resorts medal in Acrobatics and Dance, Heaven Beach  Resort and Spa medal in Acrobatics and Dance (2016) all in Turkey.


We have delivered projects across the globe; we have serviced high profile VIP and handled staff incentives with over 500 delegates. Organized an endless number of corporate events, did Music, Dance, and video setups for many indoor and outdoor events, and ran sampling and other activation campaigns regionally, Tesaa has also staged concerts, for international sporting events and many public, entertainment events. Tesaa was the first cultural troupe to win the Japanese cultural festival (YOSAKOI) competition held in Efua Sutherland (Children’s Park) in November 2007.


Tesaa Cultural Troupe grabbed the 2020 VGMA winner traditional artists of the year. This award took place in Accra has the award was presented to Mr. Emmanuel Ampofo (Agbalevi Tesaa ) the founder and President of Tesaa Cultural Troupe ( Ancient Stone) / Blema Tesaa Foundation  


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